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Scorpion Secure Screening Systems for Education

While screening teachers and staff has become standard practice, screening visitors, vendors and volunteers is quickly becoming a recognized necessity. Failing to do so puts students and school staff at risk, and leaves school systems and their administrators open to liability. Scorpion Secure Screening Systems dissuade, minimize, and potentially eliminate the opportunity for unwanted individuals to make their way onto your campus.

Visitor Screening and Management


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front desk security screening

What makes Scorpion Secure different from other screening programs:

Onsite Setup and Consultation – GT Security Solutions provides delivery, setup, orientation, and system development and consultation at no additional cost. Defining and developing the “pass or fail” criteria for restricted, escorted, or denied access to the campus are key elements in every successful and effective campus screening program. GT Security Solutions will assist in the development of a campus committee, setting standards for the development of policies and process governance, and constantly monitor data and feedback for continuous program improvement.

Functionality and Portability – Our Scorpion Secure Desktop Kiosk offers an all-in-one system for scanning reporting and printing. Our Mobile BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) System offers a downloadable mobile application that can be used throughout the campus and grounds, basically anywhere the device can receive internet access.

Real-time Data – Unlike some of our competitors, who offer access to their “comprehensive database” that is updated weekly or monthly, GT Security Solutions Scorpion Secure Screening System provides immediate, responsive and real-time data, guaranteed to be the most accurate and up-to-date information in the industry.

Immediate Access to Critical Information – Scorpion Secure Screening Systems provide a qualified real-time response to system users in an average of 5-10 seconds. Additionally, a campus administrator or designee can receive an immediate alert by email or text concerning the comprehensive findings of a failed screening.

Reliable Customer Service – Scorpion Secure provides telephone and email technical support from 6 AM to 6 PM CST to ensure that customer issues or requests are handled in a timely manner.

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Comprehensive Background Checks

security scanWith over 30 years of qualified experience, GT Security Solutions offers a secure online portal to help your organization satisfy compliance requirements while fostering a safe environment, free from negative backgrounds and/or unwanted personnel.

GT Security Solutions provides unparalleled access to proprietary databases that contain real-time and accurate information available only to industry professionals. Tenured, licensed professionals provide each and every background check, and account managers are on standby for qualified and timely support.

Client Feedback

“Professional, Reliable, Effective!” - Julie H., State Education Director
“A top notch agency that gets it done!” - Tyler P., Insurance Agent
“A proficient, responsive and quality organization.” - John K., Superintendent
“Best Service! Best Price! Real Peace of Mind!” - Kenneth T., CEO
“Attention to detail, and ethics beyond reproach.” - Gayle F., Teachers Union President